Despite Covid-19, we at S&G Plumbers are doing our best to carry on supporting you as best we can. You are still going to need your toilets repaired, keep your water flowing or in the event of a leak stop the water flowing!

The government and authorities have noted that Plumbers can be designated as “key workers” where our work is necessary for safety concerns, i.e. – emergency call outs.

However with social distancing in place we will be keeping our contact reduced as much as possible to protect ourselves and you as the customer. We will be doing this by:-
1. Getting as much information about your needs before attending
2. On arrival keep contact to a minimum – i.e. just to be shown where the job is
3. Work alone, customer at a distance
4. When the work is complete an invoice shall be sent for online payments or over the phone payments, or paid in person at a distance.

Further guidance can be found in the attached document from the APHC.

This country still needs plumbers. You need us and I need your support to keep myself and my apprentice working.

Unfortunately, non-urgent projects such as bathroom fittings now have to be postponed due to the limitations put in place by the government. Added to that, a good number of my suppliers and trade wholesalers are currently closed pending further developments.

All of this is subject to ever changing guidance, and my supply chain being available.

Thank you all for your support in these trying times!